Edward Longley MS MBA DBA
"The guy is just a very talented real estate broker. But he is more like a consultant as opposed to an aggressive salesman. He is the most creative person that I have ever worked with in any field. Ed brought in furniture, artwork, flowers, fruit etc. He cleaned and organized our closets. He had someone do minor renovations to our floors and windows to make them look like new. He literally transformed our apartment into something that I could never have even envisioned. I practically did not even want to sell the apartment after he finished getting it ready to show. He then sold our loft in less than a week and we received the highest price per foot ever obtained in our building.

And I am not easy to work with. The thing that separates Ed is that he works so hard coupled with his out of the box approach to doing things. I don’t think he sleeps at night because he answers my emails at 7am or 2am. He will take phone calls at midnight. He just loves his work and he loves people. Furthermore, he shows tremendous attention to detail. For example, I asked him for some basic information on investing in real estate and he wrote me a 20 page report complete with charts and graphs. He is also the only real estate broker I know who is like a full blown concierge service. He had his limo driver take us to the airport. He set up the perfect caterer for the party I was throwing. He picked a high level moving company that did a wonderful job transporting our artwork. He helped the buyer through and arduous loan process on a multimillion dollar loan that was very tricky. His team of people was wonderful to work with as they exuded a level of professionalism that is just not seen very often. And his lawyer was amazing throughout the deal.

I could go on and on. Ed is just a great real estate broker and now a friend as well. I am so grateful to have met him.
" - Richard Gee
" Edward Longley is a consummate professional in the field of real estate. His depth and breadth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched in the greater NYC area. Highly recommend that you contact him for all your real estate needs." - Michelle Helfer
"Every single moment of our search for the dream apartment, my husband and I felt very lucky to have found Ed Longley.

Ed was available 24-7, and unlike other brokers we had dealt with, he was extremely proactive and helped us see what we actually wanted, rather than just show us what we were asking for. He took us on a whole journey of education – patiently helping us understand different pros and cons of neighborhoods, apartment types, and price ranges. Ed always conducted a lot of research. He brought us lots of places beyond what we had selected from real estate sites, and had 10 or so viable apartments at any given time for us to go see.

He always gave us his candid opinion, and earned our trust early on when an apartment all three of us loved, which we were prepared to bid on, he advised us not to buy – based on research he did into the neighborhood and the building.

His ethics and standards were 110% at every stage. Ed was as comfortable – and as supportive of – our interest in apartments at the lower range of a wide price range. He never pressured us into bidding on anything, and was patient as we took 8 months, looking every weekend, to find a place. He was always very respectful of what we were prepared to bid, and never pressured us to bid more than we were comfortable.

Ed’s level of service was unlike anything we had experienced with other brokers.
He would always pick us up wherever we were, and his driver Raphael would chauffer us around from apartment to apartment, allowing us to see up to 10 or so on any given Sunday. He always got us sandwiches and snacks and waters, which made us feel special and also helped us focus on seeing a lot of places at once.

In the end, Ed Longley found us our dream apartment, and helped my husband and me find a place that suited all of our – at times contradictory! – requirements. Our apartment appraised above what we purchased it for, and we believe we have already made quite a bit of money in the 2 months since we closed!

Ed became not just a professional, but a friend during the process – and he was very supportive at all hours of the day when we wanted to talk about what our brief was, what we should pay for a given place, or even throw around ideas for remodeling and decorating. While the process of finding a place was hard, Ed made it into an adventure my husband and I both enjoyed immensely, and part of us was sad the search was over, and it meant we wouldn’t be seeing Ed as often!

We would recommend Ed to anyone looking support, savvy, and guidance in the search for a wonderful home, and we are very grateful to have met him early on in our search!
" - Margaret Rimsky
"As a New York City real estate attorney, I have the opportunity to work with many real estate brokers. Ed is among those who truly care for their clients'' needs. He is ready, willing, and able to go the extra mile for his clients whether it is arranging a ride for board interviews or lending a hand in the moving process. I would highly recommend Ed.
" - Daniel Churgin
"When I sent Ed an email at 10 pm about a listing he posted on Trulia, he called me immediately and we had a long conversation. I sensed his passion for his profession and felt that he ''got me'' during our phone call. I usually prefer not to work with a broker because I am good at searching online and get annoyed when brokers send me listings that I either already know about or have already sorted into the no pile. Out of the hundreds of listings in my price range normally only 2 or 3 listings seem interesting. At the time my biggest problem was I did not have an exact location or price range in mind. I was very indecisive and questioned what I really wanted. I was unsure whether I wanted to live in a lower priced neighborhood or to just get a smaller apartment in an elite neighborhood. In addition, I needed to buy something fast given my lease was almost over and I was traveling overseas in thirty days; this time constraint did not make my situation any easier! Evidently my search range was too wide for any sane broker to even begin to take on.

I warned Ed (as I did every broker), how I am familiar with every single listing out there and do not like a majority of them. I was very upfront and told him I don''t know what I want and will most likely be his worst client. Ed can attest that I even told him he shouldn’t work with me. I stressed to him how he would only be wasting his time working with me. Thankfully Ed decided not to listen to me, and by doing so, he saved my life.

I know my fair share of brokers and I have never encountered a broker like Ed. I have never been given such outstanding service. I remember thinking how this must be divine intervention of some sort because I saw Ed as an angel who entered my life. Ed picked me up in his car with his driver and took me to all the different neighborhoods. We sat in the back and Ed conducted more research and looked for more listings as we drove. Ed would consistently line up four or five apartment viewings in only a few hours’ notice. Sometimes more. We drove around developing neighborhoods, which I knew little about. Ed gave me an honest account of each particular neighborhood. He went so far as to talk to my potential neighbors to feel the area out and make sure I was making the right choice. Ed also walked for twenty-five minutes with me to the subway even though we had a car so I could experience the distance I needed to walk. I fondly remember sending emails at 3 am or 8 am with inquiries and Ed always responding promptly. There was never a moment where I felt abandoned. Ed was there every step of the way and worked tirelessly around the clock in order to find my dream apartment.

Perhaps most importantly, this man cared. He really did. He wanted me to make a great deal, but also one that was right for me. We looked at a variety of apartments because I didn’t quite know whether it was better to have an investment property, a permanent place to live in for years to come, or maybe just a property to renovate and flip. I had a tough time making this decision. Ed didn''t care how large his commission would be. He wanted to make a great deal for me. This is a very rare quality to find for a New York City Broker. I respected his opinions greatly. For the first time in my life I met a broker I could trust to the degree of family, which is amazing for a man I met only weeks before. I felt as though my money was his. This is something I never felt with previous brokers. I had full confidence in this man considering he also owns property in the city and he knows a good deal when he sees one. Ed is very experienced and knows his trade well.

Ed Longley is the dream broker. He found me an incredible place forty-eight hours before my deadline and allowed me to leave the country with a peace of mind. I was especially elated once the offer Ed and I placed was accepted for my future apartment. Ed not only helped me during the time I needed to find a new apartment, but he also helped me in numerous ways when I returned to New York. While my apartment was undergoing renovations he was generous enough to allow me to stay in his apartment for about six weeks. Ed and his team also helped me with renovation ideas while I waited for board approval. The generosity and attentiveness I experienced will always be remembered. I am proud to say I made an amazing deal, found an incredible apartment, and most importantly I love coming home…
" - D. Levy
"Working with Edward has been a pleasure. He is always on-point, and is extremely focused. I look forward to our continued work.
All the best,
" - Michael Englander
" I wanted to introduce you to a first class real estate professional. His name is Edward Longley.
During the period of time that I have known Edward, I have found him to be the type of professional who is always prepared and able to institute a strategy that put his client''s best interests first. His patience, feedback, unique ideas, and his uncanny ability to form a relationship with his clients is what I admire about him. Most importantly, Edward provides me with a level of comfort in knowing that I can confidently refer a client to him and always receive positive feedback.”


" - Howard Balsam Law Offices of Howard A. Balsam
I think it’s a great thing that Brian and Ed are offering this class. Just so you know, Ed has been one of the most productive/hard working /entrepreneurial high producing sales brokers here at the firm(check out his sales record here at CCR
David Schlamm

" -
"Hi Ed,

Thank you very much for guiding me through my first condo purchase in Manhattan. I truly appreciate your dedication and patience throughout this long and sometimes frustrating ordeal. Your thoroughness and efficiency during the search process really catered well to someone with limited time (I was interviewing and studying for my CFA). It was also reassuring to know that you were pursuing your Masters in Real Estate which exemplified your dedication to this line of work. You also provided plenty of insight into the Manhattan real estate markets, which I now realize is much more complicated than most. Your mannerism was amicable yet disciplined. All in all, it was a pleasure working with you.


" - Yang Wu
"We have recently taken possession of a remarkable Central Park West apartment courtesy of tremendous realtor services provided by Edward Longley.

Acquiring a prestigious Manhattan co-op can be a daunting process, and sans Ed Longley, we would have been rudderless. Ed is a Manhattan real estate virtuoso and a genuine professional. He was painstaking in his research and stupendously patient as we rummaged through almost a hundred apartments, before we struck gold! However, his task was not complete upon our selection and he navigated us through a cumbersome and convoluted closing with alacrity and expertise and ensured that our interests were not compromised at any stage.

Hunting for an apartment in Manhattan, call Edward Longley. You will do yourself a favor, as we did. Entrust in his wisdom and proficiency and he will hand-hold you to an outstanding purchase.

" - Shoba and Sameer Mehta
"Ed assisted me in finding a high end condo in NYC. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable in all aspect of NYC real estate. I wholeheartedly recommend him." - Paul Lvovsky
"We recently returned to NY from being 3 years in Europe and I have to say our experience with Ed was truly remarkable. We had just arrived from Switzerland and were working with a broker which was referred to us by my employer. We had seen several apartments but nothing which was suitable for us. My wife is an Italian architect and the broker did not understand her vision for our home.

A colleague of mine put me in touch with Ed and he immediately understood what we were looking for and started showing us properties which were in line with our vision. Once we identified the right property Ed and his team worked very diligently to negotiate the right price and ensure we would be able to secure the property. In a challenging environment where coops are keen on ensuring the creditworthiness of new shareholders, Ed was extremely professional and helped us throughout the coop approval process. In addition he was very engaged in helping us find the right lender and ensuring our mortgage went through.

We would highly recommend Ed and his team as courteous, professionals who understand a buyers needs and go the extra mile to ensure a great buying experience in NYC.
" - Svein Floden and Marzia Bastianello
"The Hollingsworth Group was efficient and dedicated in helping us secure our co-op in the West Village. The viewings were impeccable, the details were smoothed out, and they were nothing less than accommodating. The patience and determination of Ed and his team are an invaluable resource to anyone looking for an apartment." - Anthony Eu
"To whom it may concern,
As a first time buyer, I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the magnitude of the NYC real estate market until I fell into the unparallelled care of Edward. His knowledge, loyalty, confidentiality, honesty, and integrity, brought a level of trust and confidence that is undoubtedly rare in the industry.

Beginning with a simple phone conversation, Edward listened to my needs and desires, and provided me with an overview of the market and process of buying. Within less than a week of this conversation, he procured a list of potential apartments and worked hard to accommodate my schedule for viewings, coordinating with the selling brokers and their clients busy time frames as well. When we finally found my apartment, Edward and his team were dedicated to walking me through making an offer, pairing me with an attorney and conducting due diligence, completing the board package and finally, closing. Edward was there to answer questions and make informed recommendations every step of the way.
Edward demonstrates a level of professionalism that should be emulated by other brokers and salespersons. Knowledge, reliable, trustworthy and personable, he is highly respected by his clients and industry professionals. If you would like to further discuss Edward Longley's professional/ and or personal credentials, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
Abra Segerson
Phone: ( 203)-561-5593
Email: [email protected]
" -
"Dear Ed,
Thank you for your assistance in our recent property purchase.

As overseas investment property purchasers, we were appreciative of your ability to quickly and accurately identify suitable properties for us during our short trip to New York. We also appreciated your assistance during the negotiation and closing process, particularly since we were not in the country for most of the time.

We look forward to a long and rewarding investment in New York property and look forward to your ongoing advice regarding our current and future property investments.

Yours faithfully,

" - John and Pamela Chauvel
"Hi Ed,
Here is a letter that I wanted to write for you:

I enjoyed having Edward Longley as my real estate broker. He was extremely knowledgeable and hardworking in researching the market and allowing me to see the full spectrum of the various types of apartments that were suitable to my needs.

He was also friendly and flexible with his schedule going the extra mile when necessary. I would highly recommend his services to other people.
" - Dmitry Khasak
"Searching for an apartment in the city is a challenge, but Ed made it much easier. From recommending the Upper East Side for my kids schooling to searching for listings that were within my price range Ed exceeded all of our expectations of what a real estate broker could be. Once we found what we wanted, Ed took care of negotiating with the selling realtor while all time keeping us in the loop. Having had a bad experience with the selling agent and the coop board in the first coop building that we attempted to purchase, we almost gave up on our search. Ed continued to search on our behalf and eventually found us a very well priced coop in the coveted PS 6 school zone. Ed''s help in putting together the coop board package was also extremely valuable, as we cannot imagine having to do it ourselves. We truly thank him for all his hard and would not hesitate to recommend him to other buyers.

" - Pamela Yip
This is just to confirm that we found you to be invaluable in our search for an apartment in Manhattan. As foreign buyers with no previous experience of the housing market in New York, we had a lot of questions to ask and you never failed to supply the answers, either by doing so yourself or arranging for an expert in the field in question to do so, whether it was to do with legal concerns or tax implications or mortgage advice. I know that we must have been a lot more demanding than most clients but your willingness to deal so comprehensively (and pleasantly) with all our queries was very reassuring.

Coming from out of the country and with limited time, we needed to see as much as we could in a single day. You let us have plenty of information and advice in advance so that we could identify the buildings that best seemed to meet our criteria. You then planned our visit with almost military precision, managing to arrange a tightly packed programme of viewings so that we got to see everything we wanted to see from Midtown to the Financial District.

As a result, we were able to buy an apartment that ticked all the boxes for us. Finally, to help us tie up the formalities, you put us in touch with a lawyer who was as accommodating and professionally competent as yourself.

All in all, it would be hard to fault the service you provided.
" - Margaret Macdonald
"Ed is an outstanding professional. He is very knowledgeable about all the critical aspects of the NYC real estate market to help his clients. Whether you are a first time purchaser or a seasoned real estate investor, you would be well advised with Ed Longley on your team." - Steven Ebert
"Ed helped me purchase a beautiful loft in Soho after we had visited and seen many apartments over a period of two years. Ed is very knowledgeable in his business, he does go the extra mile (s) for his clients and he is very tenacious, he doesn’t give up and also doesn’t get discouraged if a deal falls through. He is very good at keeping you informed about the ins and outs of the Real Estate Market and he is always ready to provide extra thoughtful services to his clients.
I think you are in very good hands when you are with Ed.
" - Jeanne Wolf- Bernstein
"I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Longley''s services." - Richard Eu
There are very few brokers I’ve dealt with that truly understand their role with their clients.
You are one of them and have actually made it easy for me. So – THANK YOU!

Looking forward to selling more apartments with you!

" - Marcia Giordano Greenwich Club Residences
"Hi Mark!
Just a note to let you know that we are extremely happy with the service and personalized attention we are receiving from Ed Longley. He has made us feel that he is truly our advocate and that we can trust him without reservation to advise us regarding a potential purchase for our son Jeff. It is difficult doing this from afar ... but Ed has made us feel a part of the search.
I have also spoken with Anna Firsova and feel very comfortable with her as our financial representative.
So, thanks for the great referrals.

" - Mary Ann Shah
I worked with Ed''s young associate, Brian Dunn, who was very energetic and dedicated. He worked fast to put together a schedule of homes to visit in one day and took me around. We found the condo we wanted on the first day and Ed helped us close the deal. Everything happened very quickly and Ed and his team were very open in guiding us with the appropriate precautions when it comes to purchasing a home in NYC. Thanks Ed and Brian!
Warm Regards," - Himani Goyal
"Hi Ed,
It was clear from the outset working with Edward Longley as an international purchaser into the Manhattan property market that he has an unrivalled grasp on the New York property scene. His knowledge of the various residential areas of Manhattan was encyclopedic. He understood virtually every quality building in detail from how they work to the pros and cons of their facilities, how they are run and their locations. The process of selection was virtually flawless and the support in negotiation of price was highly professional.
" - Len Drewett
"To Whom It May Concern:
I recently worked with Edward Longley to purchase my first home. Buying your first home is a nerve-racking experience but working with Edward alleviated many of my home-buying pains. He worked hard to ensure that I found a house that was perfect for my budget, lifestyle and taste.
I was impressed with Edward’s dedication, work ethic and knowledge of the Manhattan real estate market. Most importantly, I felt that he was committed to finding me the best home possible. I am incredibly happy that we chose Edward as our broker and highly recommend him.

" - Christina Hsu
"Ed is a very experienced broker. He was instrumental to my property search as he demonstrated knowledge of the different neighborhoods of Manhattan. He will certainly be helpful to anyone else seeking to purchase an apartment"
" - Louis Kay
I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work, patience and expertise in the field. You worked tirelessly in an effort to find me the perfect apartment and without your patience, honesty and belief that you would find me exactly what I was looking for I would either still be searching or would have given up all together. Your guidance through the process gave me peace of mind and confidence in knowing that I was in good hands. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Best regards,

" - Shai Benhamou
Such a pleasure working with Edward and Casey - rewarding on so many levels. Their knowledge of NYC real estate, coupled with their dedication, makes their guidance unparalleled. They listen - quick to learn your tastes and motivations, quick to deliver..... Thank you Edward and Casey for your hardwork, dedication. Your caring service is above and beyond - and I look forward to working with you again down the road.
" - Fawn Segerson
I just wanted to describe my extremely successful experiences with Edward Longley, my real estate broker. I purchased a condominium in Manhattan in December of 2006. I was very hesitant about the process since I was a first time home buyer. Thanks to Edward my experience was pleasant and very successful. Ed’s follow up, for instance was impeccable. Any time I had a question he would get back to me immediately. Secondly Ed did so much legwork in finding exactly what I was looking for which resulted in us only searching for about 3 weeks until I found the exact apartment I wanted. Ed was able to find me a condominium for the price of a coop. The flexibility and investment potential of a condo really fit my needs so I was ecstatic to find such a good value. In addition, Ed was able to negotiate an unbelievably low price for the place which resulted in a paper profit immediately. The most important thing I could say about Ed is that he is an extremely honest person. My one big worry in searching for an apartment was that I would find a broker who would just try to sell me anything he could quickly in order to generate a fast commission. Ed worked very hard for his money. In several instances he even advised me against buying a place and therefore forfeited a quick commission when I thought it was a good decision. Ed was working in my best interests the whole time which is why I highly recommend him as a real estate broker.

" - Gabe Maor
"To whom it may concern,
I am a mortgage broker and have worked with Ed Longley on numerous real
estate transactions. I've always admired Ed's ability to listen to the
client's needs and objectives and his keen sense of the New York real estate
market. I also can tell that Ed would exhaust every possibility to find
the right place for a client. Ed's clients love working with him. He is
professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. I feel fortunate to
be associated with him.

" - Anna Firosova