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by SM Kovalinsky, Musings From Obama's America
Date Publish: Saturday May 30, 2009

Anyone who is interested in Manhattan real estate ought to know...

Manhattan Realtor Excels in Client Satisfaction, Excellence


Anyone who is interested in Manhattan real estate ought to know about broker Edward Longley, Senior Vice President of Citi Connections Realty.    With impeccable qualifications  and a plethora of expertise certification memberships, Longley has risen to prominence as one of Manhattan's real estate luminaries.
His expert opinion on the fluctuations of the market have been cited in  Manhattan's The Real Deal,  The New York Times,  and The New York Post.  

Creating a network of highly specialized consulting experts in the various domains of real estate -  marketing analysis ,  financing,  production and construction  -  this Doctorate- holding professional has expanded his client base to include New York's mega-movers and  true  shakers of the Big Apple. Longley is a pragmatist and businessman in the classical and best sense of the word:  Hailing from a distinguished English lineage which includes authors and dignitaries,  he is cut from the wood that is solid and fine.  His philanthropic ethic, his professionalism,  and  warm persona are  backed by a robust no-holds-barred New York shrewdness,  and one would have to search far indeed to encounter his bester.   The blog team at  Musing in Obama's America  highly recommend Longley for anyone who seeks professional expertise in braving the waters of  our Obama-era Manhattan real estate market.