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Richard Gleasman

Richard Gleasman - Marketing

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Richard Gleasman, Marketing

Richard has over fifteen years of experience in sales and marketing, beginning his career at a subsidiary of Google in New York. His experience spans multiple markets including real estate, retail and health care.

The key to his success has been an ability to communicate value and achieve efficiencies using cutting edge technologies.

"We now have the ability to engage in a conversation with buyers online like never before. For example, there are technologies that allow a buyer to remodel and redecorate an apartment with the click of a mouse. Want to change the color of that wall? Done. Want to add furniture? Just choose a style and add it. It helps clients visualize their dream home before stepping foot in the door."

He is also an expert in productivity technology. "My goal is to leverage every technology available to get more things done in less time and free up agents to serve their clients," says Richard. "The Holingsworth Group is a boutique firm that gives a lot of attention to its clients. Why waste time on manual tasks that keep agents away from servicing their clients?"

Personally, automation allows Richard to maintain a balance in his personal life. He is a father of five boys and is active in many non-profit charities.

Edward and Richard have collaborated on numerous technology and marketing projects since 1999.